May 22, 2018

0 - 3 Months:

At these ages babies are still tiny, and most of the time they sleep or eat. The recommended products for these ages are baby products that will allow the baby to develop in the not-too-long notes, and baby products that will ease your baby's care.

A trolley bag - In the trolley bag you can comfortably arrange all the things necessary to leave the house with the baby.
Nursing Cover - Allows Breastfeeding your baby even in public places.

Nursing Pillow - Allows you to nurse your baby comfortably and without back pain.
A towel with a tie - a towel around the neck that leaves your hands free and allows you to take the baby out easily and comfortably. 

Bathing Cushion - Allows you to put the baby in the bath and not carry all of its weight, so you can take care of the baby and play with him/her while bathing.

Swaddling Blanket - A wide blanket that is used to swaddle the baby tightly and give him/her the comfort and security that he had in the womb.

Baby Playmat - You can put your baby in it when he/she is awake on his stomach or on his back and let him/her play with the hanging toys and look at the figures on it.

3 - 6 Months:

At this age the babies begin to be more alert and to explore their surroundings. It It It is recommended at these ages when the weather is convenient to go out with babies for a walk.

Taggies Blankets - The most favorite attraction for babies as soon as they start playing with toys. The taggies are the most interesting part, and the blanket is a great and pleasant activity.

Rain Cover / Canopy for strollers - Items for the stroller that will allow you to travel with the babies at any weather.

Playmats & Gyms - You can place the baby on the stomach, give them toys and allow them to develop their crude motor skills. On the surface the baby can roll without fearing that his head will be hit hard.

6 - 9 Months:

Baby bib - At this stage the baby start to eat real food and so a bib will make sure you won't be spending hours a day washing your kids clothes.

Teething Soothing Pacifier or Cream - At this age, many babies start teething and are in pain so this can help very much.

Encouraging Crawling Toys- At this age, many babies begin to crawl, and it is best to give them developmental toys or rollers, thus encouraging crawling.

9 - 12 Months

Baby books - hearing stories helps to develop the language of babies and acquire speech. For this reason it is important to read books to babies.

Encouraging walking toys - Towards the age of many babies many begin to stand up and try to walk. You can encourage them by providing toys that can be pushed like a bimba, a doll cart, a push treadmill and similar toys.

Cubes - You can give the child cubes and build towers with them.

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