May 21, 2018

So what are the important principles for dressing children?

Comfort - It is very important that the clothes are comfortable, flexible and not suffocating. If the child feels comfortable with the garment they will be much calmer.

Breathing clothes - the garment must be from breathing fabrics. Not thick and not composed of high percentages of polyester or lycra. The children run a lot and sweating quite a bit, should let their bodies breath.

Reduce the amount of clothes - One of the most common phenomena I see in children's closets is the amount of clothing. Call it compensation, call it the realization of shopping sickness but it's really not true. In most of your child's closets, you do not use more than 20 percent of the closet. Once there are large amounts of clothing you can not even see the entire wardrobe and incorporate it correctly. A certain amount of clothing will allow you to make more interesting combinations and teach your children about proportionality.

Dressing up your child's age - especially in childhood clothes, there are so many collections that dress up children as adults. I'm sure that if I give a stage to a child psychologist she'll have a lot to write about, but at the level of styling I always say that every age has their own rules and opportunities. There are combinations of colors, styles of clothing, prints that will work at other ages so it is important to give them a stage at the right age. Our children will be big and will dress as adults for many years.

Sets - I have no problem with buying sets of clothes such as tank top and skirt, dress and pantyhose, Bermuda shirt or pants and even a set of sweaters, but every time you buy a set -split it and create new combinations. This will give you a broader variety of clothes.

Color combinations - Unlike us adults who need to think about colors that compliment us or colors that fit right together,our children will all work with any color we combine. There is no color to mature them and there is no color combination that will be strange. The opposite is correct. The more colors and combinations we get, the better it looks.

Black clothes - a lot of questions on the subject - I have no problem with black clothes for children, of course everything is in the right dosage.

Fashion Accessories - I am in favor of incorporating as many fashion accessories as possible as long as we do not harm the children's comfort. It adds a lot of interest to the look. For girls it is much easier because the choice is huge. In boys the selection is limited, but still exists. Shoes, sandals, a bag, a garden bag, a bracelet, a watch, sunglasses and even a print on your shirt or pants will do the job.

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