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Most Necessary Baby Products from NB - 1Yr

Most Necessary Baby Products from NB - 1Yr

May 22, 2018

0 - 3 Months:

At these ages babies are still tiny, and most of the time they sleep or eat. The recommended products for these ages are baby products that will allow the baby to develop in the not-too-long notes, and baby products that will ease your baby's care.


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Best Fashion Tips of 2018

Best Fashion Tips of 2018

May 21, 2018

Recently, I have received quite a few emails about dressing up babies and children. The truth is that until now the youngest girl I wore in personal styling was 10 years old, but as a mother and as a person who is properly dressed is a way of life for her, it is important for me to raise at least one tip on infant and child wear....
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Blue is For Boys, Pink is For Girls?!

Blue is For Boys, Pink is For Girls?!

May 21, 2018

In the first review of the ultrasound results, the doctor will tell the excited couple a magical word of only two letters: a boy or a girl. This little word will change the whole picture, and you'll immediately paint it in blue or pink.

Some say that our gender affiliation to these......

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Sizing Chart + Shipping Info
Newborn Nb - 1m 0000 50 47cm - 55cm
0 to 3 months Nb - 1m 0000 60 55cm - 60cm
3 to 6 months 3M 000 70 62cm - 68cm
6 to 9 months 6M 00 70 63cm - 74cm
9 to 12 months 9M 0 80 74cm - 80cm
12 to 18 months 12M 1 90 80cm - 86cm
18 to 24 months 18M 18m 100 80cm - 86cm
23 - 24 months 24M 2 100 86cm - 92cm

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